Carpets from Transylvania

Volkmanntreffen 2006
in Berlin, 27.-29. Oktober 2006

in collaboration with Museum of Islamic Art
Staatliche Museen Berlin
Museumsinsel, Pergamon Museum
Berlin-Mitte, Am Kupfergraben

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends,

the exhibit "Ottoman Carpets of the 15th - 18th Centuries from Saxon Parishes in Transylvania, Rumania" will be at the Museum of Islamic Art, Pergamon Museum in Berlin, October 28, 2006 to January 07, 2007. 24 Transylvanian carpets, all typical examples of Ottoman rugs in the churches of the Saxon parishes in Transylvania, will leave their homes and come to Berlin.

This offers the unique possibility to view the original pieces known to us through the early publications of J. de Vègh & Ch. Layer and E. Schmutzler.

The Volkmanntreffen 2006 will take this exhibition as an opportunity to invite you to Berlin. The meeting begins with the opening of the exhibition on Friday, October 27 at 7 p.m. and will continue with a symposium in the lecture hall of the Kunstgewerbemuseum, (entrance Gemäldegalerie Picture Gallery), Matthäikirchplatz, on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29.

Experts of this material will report in a series of lectures in German and English about their insights and experiences in working with Ottoman carpets kept in the Saxon parishes of Transylvania, will discuss the adoption of specific patterns as to their origin and in this contemplate the role of Emil Schmutzler and Theodor Tuduc.

We have planned a dinner for the participants of the Volmanntreffen for the evening of Oct. 28, 2006 in the restaurant "Humboldt's Gartenbuffet" of the Hotel Park Inn, Berlin - Alexanderplatz. All participants have to do their own final acccounting for dinner (Buffet Euro 17 per person) plus drinks.

I cordially invite you to Berlin for the weekend of October 27 to 29.

With best regards

Christian Erber für Volkmann-Treffen 2006

Please remember that it is never too late for registration!
But, early registrations facilitate the work.

You can stay at the Hotel Park Inn Berlin - Alexanderplatz which is in walking distance from the Museum of Islamic Art and easily reachable by bus 200 from the Kunstgewerbemuseum. We were able to obtain special rates available under the password "Volkmanntreffen 2006" at Euro 119 for a double room, Euro 104 for a single room per night, incl. all tax. Please keep in mind that availability of rooms is not limited until the end of September, thereafter the hotel reserves the right to limit availability until Oct. 13.
All rooms have showers or baths and WC and the breakfast buffet is included in the room price.

Please make your own reservations as soon as possible.
  Hotel Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz
Am Alexanderplatz
10178 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0) 30 - 23 89 - 4333
Fax: +49 (0) 30 - 23 89 - 4546

NB: The Volkmann Meeting 2007 will probably take place in Munich in October 2007.

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