Volkmann-Treffen 2011

Berlin, October 28. - 30. 2011
in collaboration with 
Museum of Islamic Art
Museum Island, Pergamon Museum
Berlin-Mitte, Am Kupfergraben

Kaleidoscope of Collecting
40 Years Volkmann Treffen

Meine Orient-Teppiche
Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Friends,

Forty years have passed since the first meeting took place, which later was to carry the name of Martin Volkmann. Martin Volkmann had invited carpet lovers to an informal meeting on October 29, 1971. Some twenty ladies and gentlemen met to exchange ideas about which he reported in the Volmanntreffen of 1981:  “Ten years have passed since we met in a private apartment in München-Schwabing to discuss oriental carpets until 2.30 in the morning with twenty liters of wine from Baden and forty pairs of sausages.”

In his contribution to the catalogue of the exhibtion of 1978 Martin Volkmann talks about collecting oriental carpets and the worry of the collector about the survival of his collection.  His own collection was liqidated when he had to move to a retirement home.  It is easier for stamp collectors to move to such a facility.

In 1971 and also later, Martin Volkmann was surely not aware of the fact that he had given the impulse to an annual meeting which would lead friends of the oriental carpet, lovers of Islamic textiles and people interested in the culture of Muslim regions not only to an exchange of ideas, a conversation, but also to contacts and personal friendships.

The Volkmann Treffen 2011 takes the Forty Years of the Volkmann Treffen as the opportunity not to look back at a past originally dedicated only to the oriental carpet, but to report about adventures, encounters, surprises and discoveries and to point out that the work with the material, be it knotted, woven or embroidered, always presents an  enrichment.  A community has been created, which, although formed by tradition, is open to the future, the new and the unknown.

The name Volkmann and with it the person after whom our meeting is named, became a synonym for the collecting of oriental carpets.  Through the liquidation of a collection new collections are created and existing ones are enriched.

Like into a caleidoscope long-term particpants of the Volkman Treffen as well as only recently arrived friends will have a look and insight into the colourful variety of the textile production fascinating us.  The collecting of these objects, whether a product of a personal passion or a public order, is the focus of this year’s meeting.

When you read the program of the meeting, you will be surprised, that there be a report about Christian motifs in Mogul painting, and you will wonder in what context this topic is related to the mainly textile issues of the program.  Until now Indian painting and the textiles depicted in these miniatures have been paid far too little attention. Little is known about the collecting activities of the Moghul Sovereigns who thus built a bridge between East and West.  Do keep up your curiosity!

Our Host, the Museum of Islamic Art, offers us in a special exhibition, miniatures of the school of the Moghuls “Depicting Feasts in Islamic Art – Feasts at the Indian Court”.  The opulence of these feasts is well known, but the splendour of these celebrations is potrayed again in these depictions.

On the evening of Saturday, October 29, we shall celebrate the 40th birthday of the Volkmann Treffen in the Restaurant “Humboldt 2” of the Hotel Park Inn, Berlin-Alexander-Platz. It will be a comunal dinner for the participants of the Volkmann Treffen 2011.  Each participant will be charged for this dinner buffet Euro 17 per person, drinks separately.

I cordially invite you all to the weekend of Oct. 28 – 30, 2011 in Berlin.
Let’s celebrate the 40th birthday of the Volkmann Treffen! 

With best regards

Christian Erber für Volkmann-Treffen 2011

Please remember that it is never too late for registration!
But, early registrations facilitate the work.

You can stay at the Hotel Park Inn Berlin - Alexanderplatz which is in walking distance from the Museum of Islamic Art.
We were able to obtain special rates available under the password “Volkmanntreffen 2011” at Euro 119 for a double room, Euro 109 for a single room per night, incl. all taxes. Please keep in mind that availability of rooms is not limited until the beginning of October. Thereafter the hotel reserves the right to limit availability unrestricted until Sept. 22, restricted until Sept. 27. All rooms have showers or baths and WC and the breakfast buffet is included in the  room price.

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NB: The Volkmann Treffen 2012 will take place in collaboration with the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin from October 26 to 28, 2012.

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